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What Is the Minimum Recommended Daily Intake of Nova Collagen Powder?

10g or one heaped tablespoon. Each serving of Nova collagen is 100% pure collagen.

Is Nova Collagen Halaal?

Yes, our product is certified Halaal.

Can Collagen be Heated or Cooled?

Nova collagen can be used in hot or cold liquids with no risk of compromising any of its qualities or nutritional value.

What Does Collagen Taste Like?

Nova collagen is 100% natural and is relatively tasteless, thus adding it to food and beverages should not affect their flavour. Our product does not include any artificial flavourants or additives. Check out our recipes page for ways in which to include the product into your diet.

Can Collagen Be Used as Treatment for Pre-existing Health conditions?

We recommend that you consult your doctor or primary healthcare practitioner to determine its suitability before consumption.

Is it safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

There are no contra-indications with pregnancy or breastfeeding, but we always recommended you contact your medical practitioner to ensure before you introduce it to your diet.

Why powder and not capsules/pills?

The daily recommended dosage of Nova’s collagen is 10g’s / 10 000mg’s so you will need to take in excess of 10 capsules per day to reach that amount of the daily dosage.

Does it have a smell and taste?

Nova’s collagen is 100% natural making the powder fairly tasteless and odourless. Some people do note a slight taste or smell which will be completely masked when added to coffee, tea or a smoothie.

What is the difference between the Pure Collagen & the Collagen Beauty Blend+?

Our Collagen Beauty Blend+ is a delicious ready-to-mix berry flavoured blend of collagen, prebiotic fibre and multivitamins whereas our Pure Collagen is a flavourless and odourless option which is perfect for mixing in with your coffee, tea or smoothies

How do you take the Collagen Beauty Blend+?

Our Collagen Beauty Blend+ is a delicious ready-to-mix berry flavoured blend of collagen, prebiotic fibre and multivitamins. Because collagen dissolves better in warmer water we recommend that you start by adding a 1/3 glass of warm water add the scoop, stir until the powder dissolves and then add 2/3 cold water.

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What Is Collagen?

The Science

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, comprising 1/3 of our total protein. Hard and insoluble, it acts as a scaffold that supports the body’s structure and connects cells. More than 28 types exist, however, three are considered to be the most common in the human body, each serving a unique physiological function.

Type I collagen fibres are the building blocks. They are strong and can be stretched without breaking. Type I helps to form skin, bones, tendons and other connective tissues.

Type II is the major collagen found in cartilage, which acts as the body’s natural shock absorber, connects bones and allows tissue to bear stress. Type II collagen prevents swelling, supports healthy joints and eases muscle pain.

Type III is a fibrillar collagen and the second most prevalent collagen after Type I that supports the structure of muscles, organs and arteries.

Hydrolysed collagen, also known as collagen peptides, is collagen that has been broken down into smaller amino acids, making it easier for the body to absorb. It is rich in proline, hydroxyproline, glycine, glutamic acid and alanine. Daily consumption of hydrolysed collagen supplies the body with these important amino acids, which the body uses to build new collagen fibres, repair weakened collagen structures and enable restorative processes to occur.

*Hydrolysed collagen is not a treatment or cure for diseases.

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